Posted by: kansaschern | September 29, 2010

Join KCHER_L Today!

KCHER-L is a list for the Kansas Cultural Heritage Emergency Resources Network.

OUR GOAL: To encourage communication and discussion relating to emergencies planning, prevention, response and recovery for Kansas cultural heritage institutions.

PARTICIPANTS: Libraries, museums, archives and other cultural heritage institutions.

To subscribe to the list:

Send to

Leave the subject line blank

sub kcher-l firstname lastname   For example: sub kcher-l john doe

Do not use a sig file

The address for sending messages to the list is:

 To stop your subscription:

Send to

Leave the subject line blank

Unsub kcher-l

Commercial email is forbidden on this list without prior approval of list co-owners. If you think that the list would benefit from knowledge of a commercial endeavor, you should request permission from Cindy Roupe (, before submitting your request. Failure to ask permission will result in being removed from the list.


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