Posted by: kansaschern | July 13, 2011

Heritage Preservation teams with National Park Service to Present Free Webinars

Identifying Museum Insect Pest Damage and Addressing it with Integrated Pest Management, July 20, 3:00 pm EDT. Free.

Barbara Cumberland, Conservator, and Carol DiSalvo, Integrated Pest Management Coordinator, will discuss the Conserve O Gram 3/11, Identifying Museum Insect Pest Damage, and the NPS Integrated Pest Management Manual, which are available in PDF at:

Cold Storage for Photographic Materials, August 2, 2:00 pm EDT. Free.

Theresa Anne Voellinger, Paper/Photograph Conservator will discuss the online video series: Cold Storage: A Long-Term Preservation Strategy for Film-Based Photographic Materials:

To attend the programs, you will need a free account to Heritage Preservation online:  Login to your account at this address, and click “Access Meeting Room” to participate in the Webinar.


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