Posted by: kansaschern | January 4, 2013

MayDay 2013–Put It on Your Calendar! Participate in the Drawing!

Join other cultural heritage institutions across Kansas and the nation by participating in MayDay2013, a national effort to prepare for disasters. MayDay encourages cultural heritage organizations to take one simple step during the month of May to protect the art, artifacts, records, and historic sites they hold in trust.

KCHERN board is sponsoring a drawing for  5 Heritage Preservation Disaster Wheels.   Your institution will receive one ticket for submitting a brief summary or photo of an emergency in 2012 to our Facebook page ( 2012 Kansas Disaster Stories/ Images OR submit a story/image to the KCHERN email (  Emailed images/stories will be reposted to our Kansas Images/Stories page. (

You may also receive two tickets for submitting a disaster plan to the KCHERN email (   All disaster plans will remain confidential. Please include institution name, email and contact name.  Submissions may start Feb. 1, 2013.  The drawing will be held on May 1, 2013.  All winners will be notified via email and posted on the KCHERN website.   If you have any questions about the drawing, contact Kathryn Talbot ( or 785-532-6965)

We can all agree that emergency preparedness is an important topic. However, frustration and difficulty can arise when considering how to get started, move forward or stay on track.   Here are some MAYDAY suggestions!

Get Started

Become familiar with which has resources for before and after a disaster.

     If you do not have a disaster plan, make a timeline for developing one.

Update your staff contact information and create a wallet-size version of your emergency contact roster. See the Kansas Pocket Response Plan template

     Conduct a building evacuation drill and evaluate the results.

Move Forward

      If you have a disaster plan, dust it off and bring it up to date.

 Eliminate hazards such as boxes and furniture in hallways, blocked fire exits, or improper storage of paints and solvents.

 Identify the three biggest risks to your collection or building (such as a leaking water pipe, heavy snow, or power failure)  and outline steps to mitigate them.

 Stay on Track

Join forces with nearby institutions and develop a protocol for helping each other in case of a disaster.  Add your network to KCHERN’s regional page.

Get to know your local firefighters and police. Invite them to tour your institution and give you pointers on safety and preparedness.




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